TELESFORO MONZON eLab / Euskal Herrigintza Laborategia


Internationalization & Global perspectives


Telesforo Monzon eLab and Sabino Arana Foundation are part of the International Strategic Seminar.

The objective of this Reflection Forum, organized by the Sabino Arana Foundation and the Telesforo Monzón eLab laboratory of ideas, is to debate  on the positioning that Euskal Herria needs in the world and the foreign strategy we need to develop for this purpose.

• To analyze the current international scenario and its possible development.

• To identify relevant factors of the evolution and its impact on the Basque Country.

• To work on the strategic vision that the Basque Country needs for internationalization in the 21st century.

• To analyze the Basque Country’s foreign strategy in the international context.

• To identify strongness and weakness.

• To develop strategic thinking around national interests.

• To identify the key issues and territories for the foreign strategy and the interests of Euskal Herria.

• To elaborate proposals for the improvement of the foreign activity of Basque institutions in identified areas and regions.

• To present policy papers with policy and strategy for organization and external action.