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TMeLab Newsletter - 5 / 2023.10.25


Learning from Comparative Language Policy

The Txillardegi Reflection Center has organized a series of online sessions on comparative language policy. The aim is to gather knowledge about the different language policies that are being worked on around the world, so that we can have contributions that may be useful when defining the language policy that we need as a people for the 21st century. Thus, we will talk with local experts about the language policies of Estonia, Quebec, Catalonia, the Aland Islands or Flanders.

The online sessions will take place during the month of November on the TMeLab digital platform (zoom).


More information about the sessions here (in basque)


Celebration of the 2nd Naziometroa conference

On November 22 Nazioametroa will organize its second conference, this year in Donostia.

On this day we will talk about adhesion or belonging as a basic need of the human being. Belonging has to do with emotions, with feelings and can have many variants. Deep senses of belonging build solid communities, while weak or contradictory ones build fragile communities. How are they built? How can they be destroyed? How can they be consolidated? How can they be weakened? How can they be nourished? Are feelings of belonging being diluted in current social trends?


We want to analyze how the processes of adhesion to a national project develop and what are the social processes that make it create or differentiate. Are there types of belonging that move us away or bring us closer to a nation? How do feelings of belonging influence national consciousness? These and many other questions we want to answer this year from Naziometroa.

See the program here (in basque)


Follow-up session of the Citizen Assembly of Gipuzkoa, on November 15.

On November 15 representatives of the Climate and Rural Citizens' Assembly of Gipuzkoa will meet with representatives of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa to follow up on the commitments made by this institution.


The proposal “Direction: A Realistic Strategy for Achieving Scottish Independence” of the Common Weal of Scotland has been translated into Basque. Food for thought.

The work of Robin McAlpin for the Common Weal “Direction: A Realistic Strategy for Achieving Scottish Independence” has seemed to us interesting, since the different reflections and readings that are gathered in it have full utility in our environment. We will continue translating this type of work in the future.


Available here (in basque)

The last number of the Periskopioa about the Nation and the sport, is in the network.

In the last Periskopioa we have elaborated a collection of articles that analyze the influence of the sport in the national scope.


See here.



On November 23 we will be at the conference "Our Land Sowing Future".

One of the topics to be addressed in the same event this year is the Citizen Assembly of Gipuzkoa. Therefore, from TMeLab Malen Dominguez Zabala will participate to explain our experience and how was the process.


We will be interviewed in Naiz.

On October 31 at 9:10 am we will be interviewed in NAIZ about the lines of work and projects of TMeLab.


In the IKUSMIRA magazine of the Ipar Hegoa foundation we have talked about Welfare.

Malen Dominguez Zabala, Project Coordinator, has written an opinion article in the blog IKUSMIRA ZABALTZEN: “The welfare of all in the center. It’s easy to say, but how do you do that?”.

Available here..