TELESFORO MONZON eLab / Euskal Herrigintza Laborategia

Our history

The TM eLab is an initiative of the Olaso Dorrea Foundation, which offers its heritage to the Basque pro-sovereignity movement.

A tower-house located in Bergara, is the living testimony of the Basque roots and activism. It is granary of Basque culture and shows strong connections with the Basque Enlightenment, a historical age when our scientists showed their abilities to the world.The “Olaso Dorrea” represents the dream of Telesforo Mozon: “A Basque speaking and Sovereign Country”.

Telesforo Monzon, son of Olaso, is a key figure to understand the history and development of the Basque Country and the Basque nationalism in the XX century. Born in Bergara, he was deeply involved in the Basque nationalist movement since early age. He was a councillor in Bergara an a member of the Parliament in Madrid representing EAJ-PNV (The Basque Nationalist Party). He would later become the Minister of the first Basque Government lead by President Agirre. He was exiled after the Civil War, he connected with the new Basque generations that were born after the Gernika bombing and he became a board member of Herri Batasuna ( People’s Unity ), Basque left-wing political party. He was elected as a member of the Parliament in Madrid again. His ideological, political and cultural activity is fundamental to any Basque nationalist pursuing an United Basque State.