TELESFORO MONZON eLab / Euskal Herrigintza Laborategia




Sharing the Basque process of conflict transformation and nation-building with stakeholders from other conflicts.

The initiative developed in recent years to resolve the political conflict in the Basque Country, as well as the transformation it has undergone, has spurred the interest of a variety of stakeholders and entities. Likewise, the process of nation-building developed alongside the conflict has generated interest and a desire for better knowledge. To a large extent, the process that has taken place in the Basque Country, despite its littleness, has responded to its challenges with creativity and innovation. For this reason, there is interest in analyzing the transformation that has taken place in the Basque Country in recent years, and the specific initiatives that have been carried out. This project wants to respond to this demand.

  • To share the Basque process of conflict transformation, as well as nation-building, with stakeholders from other conflicts and representatives of other peoples.
  • To share with the different actors involved in the resolution and transformation of conflicts the lessons learned from this process.
  • To reflect on the keys that have served as a basis for contributing to the transformation of the conflict.
  • Debate on common challenges and difficulties arising on conflict transformation processes.

TM eLab, with the aforementioned objective, organizes visits in the Basque Country adapted to the concrete demands and needs, sharing experiences through seminars and meetings. The diversity of topics to be addressed depends on the interest of the actors, including elements such as,

    • Critical analysis of the recent history of negotiations
    • Strategic thinking
    • Transition and internal cohesion
    • Civil society. Mobilization
    • Party building
    • Disarmament
    • Nation-building

TM eLab, with the aforementioned objectives, organizes also thematic debates and workshops with other peace and conflict resolution partners on issues that can be of common interest to advance in better practices on the transformation of conflicts.