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TMelab Newsletter - 4 / 2023.07.15


Blog on language policy in the Txillardegi Reflection Space (TxGG)

Another blog? Yes, because we have many questions on the table and the time has come to start looking for answers

In this blog we start the way to find answers: What is language policy, what should be taken into account when making a language policy, in which direction should we work, what margin is there at municipal level to deepen the linguistic criteria? How do young people experience the existence of one language policy or another in their schools/faculties? How can we interpret the data obtained from sociolinguistic surveys when drawing up language policy? What language policy do we need in education, in the media, in services and in the business world?  

Here we have opened a space to reflect on all this.  



The results of the latest Basque Sovereignty Barometer carried out by the Telesforo Monzón Euskal Herrigintza Laboratory (TMeLab) and the Parte Hartuz research group of the UPV/EHU have been published.   




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The latest issue of Periskopia that we disseminate in collaboration with Gure Esku Dago is now online. Through the periscope we receive information about the different international sovereignty processes.


We have been at the spring school organised by KNOCA, the international knowledge network on climate assemblies in Milan.

TMelab’s Project Coordinator, Malen Domínguez Milán, attended the assembly organised by the KNOCA network of climate assemblies. There she was able to learn about the experience of the different climate assemblies and to present the Gipuzkoa assembly. TMelab is a member of the KNOCA network. 



Telesforo Monzón eLab and the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (HUHEZI) of Mondragon Unibertsitatea signed a collaboration agreement.

According to the agreement, strategic foresight, the new political agenda and governance and policy innovation will be the main themes on which the two institutions will work together. The collaboration agreement will be articulated with a general and clear purpose: to contribute to the objective of providing a systemic response to the new historical time of the Basque people, through cooperation and from the culture of transformation, which will allow us to face the transitions of the next two decades as a country. The projects developed in recent years by Telesforo Monzón eLab with the Urban Innovation project of the LANKI Co-operativism Research Centre will be the starting point, and the collaboration agreement will facilitate and facilitate the actions of both entities in the medium to long term. 

After the signing ceremony, the director of Telesforo Monzón eLab, Urko Aiartza, pointed out that for a laboratory like ours, which focuses on reflection and experimentation, it is very important to collaborate with institutions such as Mondragon Unibertsitatea to carry out foresight in the face of the challenges of urban industry. For her part, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences, Nagore Ipiña, added that the agreement is very much in line with the values of the Faculty and will allow Mondragon Unibertsitatea to experiment within the framework of urban industry and promote the network.  

Before concluding, the institutional representatives added that the agreement aims to promote inter-institutional collaboration as effectively as possible, while guaranteeing the autonomy of each institution. The aim, say the signatories, is to ensure that the actions of both institutions are as coordinated as possible, with the intention of multiplying forces. The aim, say the signatories, is to coordinate the actions of both institutions as effectively as possible, with the intention of multiplying the forces between them. 


Collaboration agreement with Eusko Ikaskuntza formalised

The president of Eusko Ikaskuntza, Ana Urkiza, and the president of the Torre Olaso Foundation, promoter of TMeLab, Iratxe Esnaola Arribillaga, have signed a collaboration agreement. This agreement will link the two entities in the coming years and will enable the joint development of projects. As a first initiative, the agreement establishes the launch of the Media and the Basque Nation programme. Understanding the nation above all as a communication space, the media will be brought together around this project to deal with the reality of Euskal Herria as a common frame of reference. Its aim will be to analyse the treatment currently given to territoriality or coronimos (names of the country and its territories) in order to improve, among other things, daily communication. In a second phase, the results will be shared with the media and the next steps will be determined jointly. The agreement will be in force for the next four years and can be extended for the same periods. At least once a year, a monitoring committee made up of representatives of Eusko Ikaskuntza and the TmeLab laboratory of the Torre Olaso Foundation will meet 


Agreement with Gaindegia to reinforce this initiative

A collaboration agreement has been signed between the two institutions with the aim of promoting the work carried out by this centre. Within the framework of this agreement, the TMeLab laboratory will support the indicators report published annually by Gaindegia, and will contribute to its development through a representative in the management team.