TELESFORO MONZON eLab / Euskal Herrigintza Laborategia

About us

TM eLab is formed by people with diverse professional and political backgrounds. We all agree on the need to unite all the human capital we have in the Basque Country with the objective of making qualitative proposals on strategic issues for the Basque State-building. That is our challenge.

Telesforo Monzón with Manuel Irujo, 1978. Photographic collection of the Olasodorrea Foundation.


Olaso Dorrea Board of Trustees:

It manages all the projects linked to the Olaso Dorrea Foundation. It represents the Foundation in the Basque Country and abroad.

TM eLab Board of Directors:

It is in charge of the strategic guidance of the TM eLab, as well as its general management and finance planning.

Apostles. Basilica of Arantzazu. Jorge Oteiza. 1969. Photo: Jalisko.